Darkness brought a melody
Drawn in by the ecstasy
Forging through a winter snow
To the Maglestone I go

Vesper hour is at hand
Riding horseback ‘cross the land
Frosty wind creeps in my skin
Crawling with adrenaline

Golden pillars now in sight
Looming in the dead of night
Holding up the Maglestone
When suddenly I’m not alone

Hordes of drinking, dancing trolls
Fill the dark with festive souls
Caught up in the revelry
As it takes a hold of me

Troll! Whack! Troll! Whack! TROLLWHACK!

One approaches leisurely
Bearing items cautiously
Drinking horn a silver hue
Filled with a fermented brew

And an ivory pipe to sing
Unaware what it would bring
Leaning in so I can hear
She rasps a warning in my ear

Choosing not to pay her mind
Leaving my old life behind
I drain the horn of offering
Drinking to the Mountain King

Piping like a savage beast
To forever join their feast
Without ever looking back
Eternal dance of the Trollwhack

Troll! Whack! Troll! Whack! TROLLWHACK!


from Lawful Evil, released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


The Dread Crew of Oddwood San Diego, California

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